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From the Pen of Catherine Lake Ellsworth:

Each year many visitors travel to Cooperstown to enjoy all that the village and its surrounding area have to offer.  But visiting the Cooperstown area can never compare to actually living here. Steeped in history, and one of most chronicled villages in the country, Cooperstown has much to offer to those who make the decision to reside here.

Having written a weekly column for local newspapers for over thirty years, we have decided it is time to expand our horizons, offering our thoughts not only on the issues facing the area but also on the comings and goings of the community  And to that end we have taken to the internet where we can comment on a regular basis about life in the Cooperstown area.  And we would encourage our readers to share their comments so that we might  achieve a healthy, and hopefully happy, exchange of ideas.

We also hope, from time to time, to include some of Cooperstown’s rich history. Although not a native Cooperstonian, we grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we still reside in the house on Pioneer Street that was built in 1912 by our late husband’s grandparents.  Thus we have a treasure trove of Cooperstown memorabilia as well as a number of books on Cooperstown history.  But even more important, when we are asked a historical question we cannot answer, we usually are able to figure out whom we might turn to get the question answered.​​

We hope that our readers will join us in sharing Cooperstown and the surrounding area with others.  Anyone wishing to contact us can do so at cellsworth1@stny.rr.com.   We also welcome telephone calls at 607-547-8124.  We look forward to hearing from you.